God has placed a powerful anointing on Kandi Rose's life, as attested to by those who have heard her preach or have been ministered to by her testimony.

Kandi's story will make you laugh and cry as she vividly relives her life of extremes. You will feel her hurt and rejoice as she emerges victorious. Kandi is a modern day Rahab......taken from the depths of sin...... to the heights of God's grace.
Mark Haston, Senior Pastor of. "The Tabernacle," an A/G church, Decateur, Georgia
(Pastor Mark edited her autobiography &
Volume 1 of , "Recovery Today/The Shepherd's Way))

If I’ve ever seen the grace of God extended I would have to say Kandi Rose is a walking example of God’s mercy and grace.  Her testimony to our church was an on time, in season word for people that were hurting.  Our altars were filled with people who were brought face to face with a loving God of forgiveness. Two people gave their lives to Christ, while others wept and sobbed as the Lord healed many emotional wounds from their past.

At a recent fellowship breakfast she spoke to about 25 to 30 pastors, Evangelist and wives.  I looked around and many wiped tears as she told of her miraculous journey from the pit to the thrown room.

I believe there are times when heaven just orchestrates a move of God’s Spirit.  Whitney Lane Family Worship Center was the benefactor of such a move.  It is my honor and privilege to recommend Kandi to you and your church.  She is vibrant and full of energy.  Her love for the lost is contagious, and her ministry to the hurting is God inspired.  I believe you will grow to love her ministry as much as I do.
Howard Raney, Senior Pastor, Whitney Lane Family Worship Center, Kensett, Arkansas.

Kandi Rose was a guest on my program, "In HIs Presence" on VTN. She has a powerful testimony of how God delivered her from an X-rated lifestyle to a G-rated. I am sure you would be blessed by reading her book, and I highly recommend it.
Jeanne Caldwell, Vice-president, Victory TV Network

Kandi was on our TV show, "How to Beat the Odds" and gave a powerful testimony of God's grace that touched many, encouraging them that they too can beat the odds regardless of their past. She wants everyone to know how much Jesus loves them and has a good plan for their life.
Tommy Thomas/author of, "God & the Gambler"

I first met Kandi Rose when her call to VTN TV was transferred to my office several years ago. She was interested in sharing her testimony with our viewers in order to help those who may be struggling with addictions she had dealt with in her life. Kandi's testimony touched me in such a way that I felt it needed to be heard by men more than women. As she finished her story, I realized that she needed to document it so others, especially men, could read how the power of lust and drugs can rip your life apart. I could not help but suggest to Kandi that she write a book about her experiences, which she did. When I received it, I sat down and read it from cover to cover. Kandi eventually appeared on "In His Presence" to talk about her first book, and I am sure she will write many more, as she continues her walk with our Lord.
Dan Vukmirovich, former Production Director, Victory TV Network

Kandi Rose spoke at my "You Can Live Again" conference. Her gentle spirit and powerful testimony warmed the hearts of all. We left her session inspired to live a life truly pleasing to the Lord. Her testimony was also published in my magazine.
Kertrina Dauway, publisher, YCLA Magazine

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